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Have you ever tried to use something on your computer just to discover it no longer works, but the last time you used it, it worked fine? This is what TechRepublic member wadedumar is currently facing when they discovered their Linux OS appears to now be corrupted, so they have turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance.

TechRepublic member wadedumar says, “I have Windows 7 and KX Studios and Qiana all in one partitioned hard drive. I have not used either of the Linux OS’s in at least a month or two. When I logged into KX, I had no taskbar or a start button. I had two boxes on the desktop widget, and a big KDX menu button in the top left corner.

I tried opening Cadence and it only opens up down in the taskbar which I did get the taskbar to show up again by the way.

It will only open up like little menus down in the taskbar for the Cadence or Claudia or anything and will not maximize to full screen where I can use it and seems to be the acting that same way on whatever program in there now.I restarted the computer, and it was just the same.

I restarted it again and this time logged into Qiana and it also was messed up with no taskbar or start menu, only a big blank desktop but nothing else. Last time I used both of the Linux OS’s there was no problems with them, they were perfectly fine.

Is it possible for them to get messed up when I’m not even using them and using Windows only?

Do any of you have any ideas on what could be doing this?”

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