Help! My XBOX controller on my PC is acting strange

TechRepublic member Willkabob is having strange issues with their XBOX controller on their PC. Can you offer advice or tips to help this fellow member resolve their issue?

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TechRepublic member Willkabob is having strange issues with their XBOX controller on their PC so they have turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance to get their issue resolved.

TechRepublic member Willkabob states, "As of a few days ago, my controllers have not worked properly on this PC. I have windows 10, and I tried both an Xbox One controller and an Xbox 360 Rockcandy controller, but they both do the same strange stuff.

For example, RB is very unpredictable, it can: move my mouse in one direction, skip my spotify music, lower/raise my volume, right click, open menus in games.

Start just straight up doesn't work, and in Monster Hunter World, moving my left stick up or down moves the camera left or right, and moving the stick left or right does nothing. Instead, LT moves the camera left when it's not pressed, and moves it right when it is pressed.

I have tried to fix it in the few ways I could think, including: re-calibrating the controller, reinstalling the drivers, unplugging it and plugging it into other USB ports, resetting/configuring controls. But none of these seem to work.

I really can't think of any reason why this is going on, I didn't install any new programs recently and I have never had JoyToKey installed on this PC. Any suggestions are appreciated."

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