Help nonprofits by volunteering your tech skills these 4 ways

Everyone needs IT help at some point, including nonprofits. Here's how you can lend your skills.

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Tech skills -- everybody wants them and only some people have them. If you're a part of that latter group and are looking for a way to put your skills to good use outside of your job, you might consider volunteering for a non profit.

Here are 4 ways you can volunteer your tech skills.

First up, join a community. Check out a platform like Catchafire. Catchafire lets you pick topics you're passionate about like animals, or maternal health, or education, and then specify areas like web development or digital marketing. They'll help you find a project to work on that can last anywhere from a day to several months. The cool thing is they'll tell you how much money you saved the organization by volunteering.

Second, you can also find a specific charity using a tool like Hashtagcharity. Hashtagcharity lets charities list their IT needs. They'll match an IT team to a project and support the project while it's in the works. And that includes replacing folks if they leave.

Third, ask your employer about volunteer opportunities. Lately, tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Intel have been launching volunteer initiatives. Microsoft, for example, launched Tech Talent for Good which matches their employees with nonprofits. Plus, they donate 25 dollars for every hour an employee volunteers.

Fourth, attend a hackathon. Checkout an organization like Reallocate. They host events called hacktivations for building technology to help social ventures and nonprofits.

For a full run down of ways to volunteer your tech skills, check out Lyndsey Gilpin's full article.

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