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Help these TechRepublic members with their Solaris problems

Do you know much about the Sun Solaris platform? If you do, you could win bonus TechPoints and a special TechRepublic prize answering these two questions from the Technical Q&A.

If you are UNIX-savvy or are on intimate terms with a Sun Solaris server, you may be just the person to help two TechRepublic members who are trying to figure out a way to get their servers to communicate. Come up with the answer that helps these members and win bonus TechPoints.

Get your questions answered
Periodically, we highlight questions posted by our members in the TechRepublic Technical Q&A. If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, post it in the Tech Q&A. Other TechRepublic members will try to answer your question in return for TechPoints.

Communications from within and without
In a post in the Technical Q&A, sdubois is offering 535 TechPoints to anyone who can supply a Solaris or UNIX command that will provide the CPU model that is running in each of sdubois’ Sun Solaris E6500 servers. Specifically, sdubois needs to find out if the UltraSPARC II CPUs running in the servers are model 5235, 5661, or 5762 so that replacements can be made.

At this point, all that sdubois has been able to find out is the processor speed and caching information. Sdubois doesn’t want to power down all the servers to check their motherboards and chip designations. Do you know of an easier way?

In another Technical Q&A post, ajstancato is offering 100 TechPoints to the person who can explain how to take information off a CD-ROM burned in the Microsoft Windows environment.

Is there any reason ajstancato can’t just mount the CD and then read any cross-platform information that it contains? If so, how else can ajstancato convert the information?

Correct answers will win an additional prize
If you can answer sdubois’ question or ajstancato’s question, you will not only be rewarded with the knowledge that you helped a peer but also TechRepublic will send you a TechRepublic logo item as well. If more than one person answers each of these questions, a winner will be chosen randomly.


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