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You have been trying to set up a printer for your Windows 7 PCs to use, however, no matter what you have tried, you have been unable to connect them. This is where TechRepublic member RACoulon has found themselves and has turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance in helping them figure out why their Windows 7 PCs can not access the printer.

TechRepublic member RACoulon writes, “Hello,

First off, I’d like to thank any help in advance. I tried to see if i could find a replicated issue already in the forums, but to no avail.

I am currently running 3 wireless Windows 7 PC’s and trying to setup a wired printer for them to be able to use. I can access this printer via wireless on any of our wireless Windows 10 PC’s but not the Windows 7.

I first tested to see if i could ping the IP of the printer from the PC’s in question, and they all come back successful with 0% loss. I then add the printer manually via IP. Afterwards I select the proper drivers, and it installs successfully. But when I go to print out a test page, or any page that is, the document will stay in the spool and change from “Printing” to “Error”. It doesn’t state the Error and if I troubleshoot, it can’t find any issues.

I’m at a total loss.”

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