As more organizations are taxed with putting together ambitious IT projects with limited resources, more people are turning to project management to make the most efficient use of resources. In some cases, it’s appropriate to start a project management office (PMO) so that things such as project management methodologies, assessment tools, and metrics can be better coordinated.

But if you or your clients are just putting formal project management techniques in place, where can you figure out the best way of setting up your PMO? You could start with our download, Establishing a Project Management Office, an eight-part series written by TechRepublic columnist Tom Mochal. We’ve compiled these articles into one document to help you check off the approaches to your PMO. Included in this download are sections on:

  • Customizing your PMO to suit you or your clients.
  • Helping employees adjust to project management techniques.
  • Putting together a project management methodology.
  • Fostering project management skills with training and coaching.
  • Using metrics to determine the success of your project management efforts.
  • Offering other services to strengthen the position of your PMO.

If you’ve been involved in helping your organization or a client’s company set up a PMO, tell us about your efforts, the tools you used, and how successful you were. Were there any roadblocks you encountered that you didn’t see in this download? We’ll use your information to update future versions.