Help your migration staff--and other TechRepublic members--understand their roles when migrating from NT to 2003

Helping your team members better understand what they're supposed to do on a large task like a platform migration is key. This roles and responsibilities template has been customized for migrations from NT 4 to Windows Server 2003.

Given the size of most migration projects, one of the first questions you'll have to answer from your team will be "Which part of this is my responsibility?" Giving everyone on your team a clear picture of what's expected of them from the beginning is one way to focus team members on a particular task.

Last year, we published a template to help your team members understand their roles and responsibilities on projects. We've taken that template, which was originally sent to us by TechRepublic member John Remirez, and modified it for use with migrations from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003.

Using the download, each team member is assigned a task. A letter is assigned to each task that indicates the team member's level of responsibility. Here's a breakdown of each role:
  • A: Primary ownership: Creation
  • B: Secondary ownership: Administering
  • C: Initiating
  • D: Planning
  • E: Implementing
  • F: Controlling
  • G: Monitoring
  • H: Closing
  • I: Approving
  • J: Reporting
  • K: Assigning

For example, if a person is assigned a task and wants to determine his or her responsibilities, he or she will read across the chart and find the letters: E, F, H. Referring to the chart legend, the artifact owner is responsible for E = implementing the task, F = controlling the task, and H = closing the task.

(Note: You can substitute what we've provided with your own team member titles or other tasks in your project that are not included here.)

Your role
We've divided the major tasks included in the migration into seven tabs:
  1. Preparation
  2. Active Directory
  3. WINS and DHCP
  4. System Policy to Group Policy
  5. File and print servers
  6. RAS
  7. IIS

When you download the template—an Excel spreadsheet—you'll notice that the responsibilities listed for each major task have been left blank. This is where you come in. Because relatively few TechRepublic members—by our estimations—have yet performed NT to 2003 migrations, we want your insight on the responsibilities that would be included at each stage of the migration that we've listed. If you send us a completed spreadsheet, and we use your list of tasks, we'll send you $100. You can add tabs to the spreadsheet to reflect other components of the migration.

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