Information goes in one ear and out the other: That’s what one network administrator said about his experiences with educating end users. It’s true that end users don’t always speak the same language as managers and other IT pros; nor do they hold the same level of technical skill. But these differences don’t have to mean that training users about new technology or a security policy is a waste of time.

In small to medium-size organizations, it’s likely the manager’s job to educate end users when the organization implements new software and hardware or cleans up a network after a virus attack. As a manager, you may delegate end-user training to a member of your team. But before you do, consider giving that person a training session on how to approach end users. We created a PowerPoint presentation you can show to anyone in your organization tasked with training users about a new technology. The presentation makes otherwise intimidating information a lot easier for your team members to understand.

What you’ll find
Our PowerPoint presentation will help you demonstrate to your team members:

  • When it is the IT team’s responsibility to guide end-user training.
  • How to approach end users who have different levels of technical skill.
  • The opportunities that exist to train users in your organization.

The document that accompanies the presentation offers suggestions for customizing the presentation by:

  • Adding examples of how you and other managers have trained users in the past.
  • Encouraging team members to elicit questions from end users about new technology.
  • Reminding your team members that training opportunities exist everywhere and to take advantage of them all.

You may not have a technically savvy user base, but you can educate them effectively about new technologies or initiatives in your organization. This presentation should help.