A Harvard Business Review Analytic Service report revealed just how critical workplace tech is to hiring and retaining employees.

The study showed that some 58% of respondents said an organization’s technology would factor into their decision of whether or not they would take a position offered to them. Additionally, the report stated that 51% of employer respondents were unable to retain highly skilled employees because of outdated office technology. The report also showed that 38% of respondents said that older systems prevent them from working effectively, and 39% reported that they had a difficult time accessing core business data and assets without help.

According to the survey respondents, here are three trends the study found to help retain skilled employees in your organization:

  1. More self service and access to critical knowledge and data – 65%
  2. The ability to choose their own work device – 50%
  3. Self-service setup for technology tools – 45%

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These trends could potentially build a more connected and effective workforce, appeal to potential candidates, and reinforce employee loyalty, the report said. While the study showed that there was a need to modernize, it also reported challenges with obtaining these tech goals.

Regarding leadership, some 55% of respondents stated that their budget would get in the way of obtaining new tech systems. Another 44% reported that their company’s legacy systems couldn’t mesh well with new tech. The report also stated that 34% were concerned with security, and 30% believed their IT department was too concerned with supporting legacy tech to introduce new technology.

Potential barriers that respondents believe could keep their organizations from effectively using tech to connect and collaborate were also highlighted in the report. Concerns for a lack of employee training and education were reported at 40%, while 37% reported a lack of proper tools. Similarly, 37% said their organization lacked the IT support, budget, or resources needed, and 44% noted disparate information systems impeded progress across their organization.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Outdated office technology is keeping organizations from hiring and retaining highly skilled employees.
  • To retain employees, leaders should give them access to critical data, the ability to choose their own device, and self-service access to tech tools.