Over three-fourths of tech leaders say there aren’t enough qualified job candidates to fill the digital jobs they have available, according to new research from Robert Half Technology, announced Wednesday.

Some 77% of tech business leaders surveyed said it’s somewhat or very challenging to find job candidates with the up-to-date digital skills that they’re looking for. As a result, more than half of leaders say their businesses are somewhat, if not severely, understaffed.

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Over 3,000 hiring managers and CIOs in North America were surveyed for the report. These professionals named four areas in which they most wanted to add team members: Programming and systems analysis, business analysis, security, and project management.

Here are the six digital skills technology leaders want the most:

  1. UX design
  2. Data analysis
  3. Content creation and marketing
  4. Growth engineering and hacking
  5. Social media marketing and management
  6. Web development

These findings aren’t a surprise. In June, 83% of CIOs said their no. 1 obstacle in meeting their goals stems from a shortage of qualified and available tech talent. In January, 57% of tech leaders said they couldn’t find enough IT security professionals.

In the Robert Half survey, around two-thirds of tech leaders said a lack of digital-savvy leadership was a top barrier to completing a business’s digital marketing strategy. Multiple other barriers were cited, including budget woes, similar skills gaps on the creative and marketing teams, and a lack of collaboration with those on the creative side of the business.

For leaders, being able to identify and articulate barriers facing a company can help them brainstorm ways to overcome them, instead of attacking randomly. For professionals looking to break into or advance in the tech industry, knowing what skills to develop or review can make the difference between getting the job and having your resume ignored.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. New research from Robert Half found that 77% of tech leaders say employees don’t have the digital skills they need to adequately fill jobs in the tech shortage.
  2. Leaders need six skills the most: UX design, data analysis, content creation and marketing, growth engineering, social media marketing, and web development.
  3. People looking for jobs in the tech industry should build these skills to make themselves better job candidates.

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