Job seekers are getting lazy. L-A-Z-Y. The next time you schedule a job interview, remember the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared. If you aren’t prepared, don’t be surprised when you don’t get the job.

Your future is in your hands
We’re supposed to be living in an “employee’s market.” Due to low unemployment and high demand for workers, employers are having a hard time finding good hires.

Here at TechRepublic, I’ve recently been part of a team that’s interviewed candidates for several new positions, and I’m disappointed in what I’m seeing. I wrote about the experience the last time I was on the interview schedule (July 1999). If you’re looking for a job, do yourself a favor—check out that article and heed my advice. Here’s the link:

  • If you’re going to an interview, do your homework on the company first
  • I would love to hear from anyone who is either looking for a new job or trying to find a few good employees. To share your favorite tips for interviewing or your best or worst interview story, please post a comment below or sendme a note .
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