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  • If the internet broke worldwide for an hour, China would lose $179 million–the most money of any country. — Website Builder Expert, 2018
  • The US would lose $55 million if the internet went down for an hour, and the UK would lose $15 million. — Website Builder Expert, 2018

An internet shutdown could do serious damage to worldwide e-commerce sales, even if service was disrupted for just an hour, new research from Website Builder Expert (WBE) found.

According to WBE, China would lose the most, at $179 million an hour of online sales, more than three times more than the US, which would lose $55 million. The findings show how dependent on the internet the world’s economy has grown to be.

Using eMarketer data, WBE ranked the 22 countries with the largest amount of online sales. Here are the 10 that would lose the most money, along with exactly how much an hour of internet downtime would cost them.

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1. China – $179 million

2. US – $55 million

3. UK – $15 million

4. Japan – $14 million

5. Germany – $9 million

6. India – $6 million

7. France – $6 million

8. South Korea – $6 million

9. Canada – $5 million

10. Russia – $3 million

“It was surprising to see just how immense China’s losses would be compared to its peers; there’s a gap of over $100 million between China in first place and the US in second place, which is indicative of the kind of money China’s biggest e-commerce site, Alibaba, is generating,” WBE’s Alex English said in the report. “Though Amazon is fast establishing a monopoly on e-commerce in the western world, this research shows that an internet blackout in Asia could be far more costly.”

Finland would lose the least amount, around $890,000 an hour, in a shutdown. It was also the only country on the list that would lose less than $1 million an hour.

While Denmark placed second to last on the list, it would be hit hard by a shutdown, the report said. The $1.19 million an hour loss would have the third worst negative impact on its GDP, WBE found.