Hey, Trekkies: Here's news for you

Become a TechRepublic Trekkie. Follow the adventures of TechRepublic editors Mike Jackman and David Bard as they journey to Imja Tse. Now you can receive news of the almostEverest trek right at your desktop.

You know who you are. You slip online when no one’s looking, click straight to TechRepublic’s site, telling yourself that this time, you will research ERP.

But some invisible, sinister force compels you to the almostEverest Briefing Center, and you soon find yourself pouring over Mike and David’s trekking escapades.

Forget Captain Kirk and those Next Generation losers—you’re a TechRepublic Trekkie.

Now TechRepublic editors David Bard and Mike Jackman’s bulletins and stories can be delivered right to your inbox every weekday as we follow their trek through Nepal and up Imja Tse, a 20,285-foot peak located near Mt. Everest.

They'll check in daily with reports on their adventure from Everest Base Camp and all points in between. You especially will want to tune in April 24 and 25, when David and Mike, together with their trusty (hopefully) Palm III, MiniSat data/voice satellite phone, and Armada laptops, tackle the extreme, 45° icy slope of Imja Tse.

If you sign up for TrekMail now, you’ll be eligible for a drawing for fantastic prizes, including a TechRepublic flying disk, (all together: “I want to believe”…), coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more.

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