Since its inception, TechProGuild has broken topic areas

down into tracks such as Windows Server, NetWare, Linux, and so forth to make

it easy to find information related to the problems you’re facing. As you can

tell in the TechProGuild Resources box and in the subnav at the top of the

page, those track names have changed.

We’ve decided to add a track to cover application software

such as Microsoft Office and a management track to cover more strategic

problems subscribers may face. We also decided to consolidate the Netware,

Linux and Windows Server tracks into one large Server OS track. No, we’re not

abandoning NetWare and Linux. It just made more sense to group those together.

We’ll also include some Solaris and MacOS server content there as well. The

Client OS track will focus on client aspects of Linux and MacOS as well as


Existing content will be mapped as follows:

  • Windows
    Server, NetWare and Linux/Unix -> Server OS
  • Windows
    Client -> Client OS
  • Infrastructure
    -> Networking
  • Troubleshooting
    -> Hardware
  • The
    Applications track is new.
  • The
    Management track is new.

You’ll also notice we’ve made some changes in the

TechProGuild Resources box. The TPG Blog has returned – this time connected to my personal

profile on TechRepublic. The TPG Tour is also back on the home page for

people who are new to TechProGuild. Finally, the TechBooks link has moved to

the left resource list.

We’re hoping that the expanded and reorganized

coverage in TechProGuild will make it easier for you to find solutions for the

IT problems you face.