You can use Microsoft Excel’s split pane feature to edit or
compare values in large spreadsheets. However, the split-pane method involves
some scrolling before you can line up the values with their corresponding
labels. A quicker method uses shortcut keys to hide the cells you don’t need to
see. For example, at the end of a semester you wish to compare the students’
final grades which are listed in Column P with their names listed in Column A.
Follow these steps:

  1. Click
    and drag the mouse to select columns B through O.
  2. Press

After viewing the grades, you can “unhide” the
cells by selecting columns A and P and pressing [CTRL][SHIFT][0].

This method will also work when comparing or editing data
across rows. For example, if you want to compare monthly income shown in row
100 whose labels are listed across row 4, follow these steps:

  1. Click
    and drag the mouse to select rows 5 through 99.
  2. Press

Pressing [CRTL][SHIFT][9] unhides the rows.

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