Highlights from Google I/O 2009

This week's Roundup features highlights from the annual Google I/O conference, a new online presentation tool from Adobe, and more.

Google I/O developer conference took place in San Francisco this week. During the keynote, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt emphasised that the browser is becoming more like an operating system.

The company presented Google Native Client, which gives the browser the ability to execute code natively on an x86 processor, making web apps run faster than with JavaScript, for instance.

The demonstration of Google Wave generated a lot of excitement. The service, which is due out later in the year, combines email, instant messaging, file sharing and collaboration tools into one.

The search giant also unveiled a feature called Web Elements that allows less technical web publishers to add various Google feeds to their websites and a tool that brings most of Google Reader's functionality to your desktop.

A new version of Force.com has also been introduced at the conference, offering better integration with Google App Engine.

In other news, Adobe has released a tool for collaborating on and sharing presentations online, meanwhile Vista SP2 came out featuring Blu-ray support and a more recent version of Bluetooth.

Feature articles this week covered tips for using Twitter as a recruitment tool, 10 Firefox security extensions and ADO best practices.

Finally, check out the photos from last week's WebDU conference.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic.