Highlights from the PDC

This week we bring you special coverage from the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

Throughout the week we kept you updated with news from Microsoft's annual Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles. One of the breaking announcements was the launch of Windows Azure -- a new cloud version of Windows, hosted in Microsoft's own datacenters, whose success, according to Ray Ozzie will largely depend on trust. Brendon Chase explored the issue further in his blog post and Chris Duckett, (who is in LA at the conference) looked at the process of developing an Azure application.

We also brought you video coverage of Ray Ozzie's announcement of Windows Azure, followed by an interview.

Keeping with the theme of cloud computing, it was also announced that Microsoft will offer web versions of its Office programs -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint, directly competing with Google and Zoho.

Another topic at the conference was identity management. Microsoft plans to provide support for OpenID and new identity tools for easier user authentication within organisations. Google has also announced it will be supporting OpenID protocol 2.0.

More information about the upcoming version of Windows -- Windows 7 was unveiled. Some of the new features are support for multi-touch input and taskbar previews. Microsoft is also aiming to improve boot and shut down times. Chris Duckett provides a deeper insight into some of the features in his blog post. Pre-beta copies of Windows 7 were distributed to attendees and the reviews were mixed.

In photo galleries galore we showed you screenshots of Windows 7, the web-based Microsoft Office and for the open source enthusiasts, the latest version of Ubuntu -- 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

In other blogs this week, Stephen Shankland covered the new Google Earth for the iPhone and Yahoo's plan to make its platform available to developers.

-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic.