Hilton boosts business travel appeal with mobile-connected hotel room

The hotel chain said it will roll out the mobile-centric room style in 2018. Guests will be able to pre-set room preferences, like temperature and lighting.

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Hilton will launch high-tech, connected hotel rooms controlled from a guest's mobile device, the company announced Thursday.

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Connected Room allows a guest to personalize every part of their stay via a mobile app, the press release said. Guests will be able to set preferences for the temperature, TV, lighting, and window curtains, and those selections will be added to the room upon check-in.

They'll also be able to launch streaming media accounts from their phone to in-room TVs, the release said, but the supported platforms weren't named.

The room is being tested at one hotel, and will be launching in more hotels in the coming weeks, the release said. It will continue to roll out across the US through 2018.

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The hotel chain plans to add more features to the room, including voice commands and allowing guests to upload their own artwork to display in the room, the release said.

The features will be housed in the pre-existing Hilton Honors app, which guests can use to check in and open their hotel room's door using a digital key. The Connected Room is a "natural extension" of the app, the release said.

Being able to control everything from a phone could be useful for business travelers, who will be able to quickly set their preferences and not have to fix everything manually. Knowing their preferences will be implemented upon check-in, business leaders could save time and immediately settle in upon arrival.

Additional personalization options, like the streaming accounts and potential artwork feature, may add a layer of comfort for professionals who are always on the go.

For Hilton and other hotel chains, similar programs may be able to improve the guest experience. Hilton employees will be able to see guest preferences, giving them a better insight into what guests like the most, the release said. By launching the room, other hotel chains may be forced to compete with similar options, potentially improving the market for business and regular travelers alike.

Some other hotels are making similar efforts to boost technology in the rooms. The Wynn in Las Vegas uses Amazon Echoes in each room, giving guests similar temperature and lighting controls.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Hilton is launching a mobile-powered connected hotel room, set for mass roll out in 2018, the company announced Thursday.
  2. Using a mobile app, guests will be able to set the temperature, change the lighting, and add streaming accounts to the in-room TV.
  3. Business travelers may find the new room style helpful, giving them a faster way to adjust everything to their liking and get to work.

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