Hire by Google update helps recruiters find old candidates for new jobs

The intuitive search feature, known as candidate discovery, surfaces past individuals who fit the criteria of a new role.

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Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:
  • Hire by Google introduced candidate discovery, which helps recruiters see past jobs candidates that may be a fit for a new role.
  • Hire by Google's candidate discovery could speed the recruiting and hiring process, even in competitive fields like IT.

Hire, a recruiting app from Google, introduced a new candidate discovery feature Wednesday that automatically connects recruiters to past applicants who may be a good fit for a new role.

Announced in a Google blog post, the feature looks to save recruiters time by quickly surfacing older candidates that may match the criteria of the new job posting. The feature will allow Hire to automatically create a prioritized list of past candidates to re-engage with, based on how well they match the new job title, description, and location, according to the post.

By collecting and presenting past applicants, the new feature could possibly save recruiters time on finding a good fit for an open position. It could also help make sure hiring managers don't accidentally overlook someone they may have interviewed in the past.

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According to the post, candidate discovery is an intuitive search feature that can understand recruiter intent. Once it knows what the recruiter is looking for, it begins matching candidates to the aforementioned specifications.

When examining past candidates, recruiters can filter by the type of interview feedback they received for a given applicant, or whether or not they extended an offer to that person. Those who received positive feedback, or who were previously offered a role, will rank higher on the list.

"It takes a search phrase like 'sales manager Bay Area' and immediately understands the skills and experiences relevant to that job title, as well as which cities are part of the Bay Area," the post said. "That means the search results will include candidates with sales management skills even if their past job titles are not an exact keyword match."

Typically, the post said, a company will engage with 250 people for each one they hire, and that's a large pool of talent.

Certain Hire customers participated in a Trusted Tester program for the feature. It is now available in beta to all Hire by Google customers.

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