What would you do to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii? A little over a week ago, a woman died trying to win the new gaming console for her children. Check out the news story, “Family sues radio station in Wii contest death.”

According to the article, “Jennifer Strange, 28, a mother of three, died from suspected water intoxication after taking part in [Sacramento radio station KDND-FM] competition, ‘Hold Your Wee for a Wii.’ About 20 people tried to out-drink each other without going to the bathroom.”

Sure, you may have already heard about that incident, but TechRepublic’s Eve Lee (better known in the Geekend blog roll as Leee), told me about another contest that she heard about on the radio last week on her drive to work. Eve was listening to the morning show on WLUP The Loop FM 98, which is broadcast in Chicago, and the DJs were discussing the fatal wee-Wii misfortune. They mentioned that a similar contest could be started to win concert tickets to The Who, since the rock band plans to play in Chicago during its 2007 tour. Of course, the contest would be called, “Hold your poo for The Who.”    

I’m reminded of one of my mother’s favorite sayings: “It may not be a laughing matter, but it’s no matter if you laugh.”