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Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-015)
Do your users work with Microsoft Clip Gallery? Maybe you use it on your own machine. Either way, you’ll want to beware.

A security hole has been found in Microsoft’s clip art program. According to Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-015), additional clips can be downloaded from Microsoft to complement those included with the original-issue software. A CIL file format is utilized for this purpose. Under certain conditions, an extra long field embedded in one of these CIL files could trigger a buffer overrun. In turn, this buffer error could cause a crash or execution of “hostile code.”

According to Redmond’s bulletin, the Microsoft Clip Gallery is included with the following products:

  • Office 2000
  • Works 2000
  • Picture It! 2000
  • Home Publishing 2000
  • Publisher 99
  • PhotoDraw 2000 Version 1

A patch, and more information, are available here .

Novell client update
Novell has released NT47PT2.EXE, an update for Client 4.7 for Windows NT/2000, on its site. The Novell client for Windows NT fixes several problems and errors. Among the fixes is a correction of the contextless login window being displayed before the GUI login.

More information is available on Novell’s site .

ManageWise updates
New virus updates have been released for ManageWise versions 2.5 and 2.6. New files are available on Novell’s site for both the Windows 9x and NT platforms.

More information on the version 9.20 updates can be found here .

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