Hone your Arduino skills with this e-book bundle

Build your programming knowledge while also building your own wearable device by using these guides.


The best way to stay ahead of the competition in the tech industry is to continue to evolve your skills outside of the workplace. Expanding your knowledge into the world of open-source electronics with Arduino is a great place to start. Whether you are an IoT novice or expert, the Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle is a great resource to hone your electronic and programming knowledge.

This E-Book Bundle includes eight e-books detailing how to fully utilize one of the world's most powerful open source platforms. It includes a book on how to design, code, and build your own wearables, which will ultimately lead to producing your very own smartwatch. Other books include how to integrate Arduino with iOS, Android, and robotics. With over 1,900 pages, these eight e-books will keep you hands active and your mind engaged.

The Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle is perfect for the lifelong learner--get yours today here.

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