is a good starting point for road warriors who are looking for virtually any kind of information about hotels. I try to glean helpful information from the the Web site whenever I travel. On more than a few occasions the site has helped in deciding the best place to stay.

Being a wireless nerd, I especially pay attention to the Web site’s comments about the hotel’s Wi-Fi service. Since 2004, the the site has been formally tracking the quality of Wi-Fi service at hotels. I’ll admit the reports are subjective and not the results of rigorous scientific testing, but when the occasion allowed, my opinion was comparable to that of the reviewers.

Best Wi-Fi hotels

Well, Wi-Fi Week 2008 is finally here, and the results are in. So without any further hesitation, let’s start with the “Best Wi-Fi Hotels of 2008.” The report uses three categories, which are “Ready and Willing,” “Tried and True,” and “Take a Chance,” all self-evident categories.

Worst Wi-Fi hotels

Now we move on to the “Worst Wi-Fi Hotels of 2008.” One common trait of the hotels making the worst list is charging for Wi-Fi access, which ups the ante according to the reviewers, who feel charging for Wi-Fi access automatically holds the hotel to a higher standard. It became very apparent the reviewers were not pleased with the hotels making this list.

International hotels

New this year is the addition of “Best and Worst International Wi-Fi Hotels.” I can only dream of having the chance to verify the accuracy of these two lists. I’d appreciate hearing from the members if they agreed with the reviewers.

Final thoughts

The Web site is a bit confusing, but still provides usable information. I also agree with the reviewers, who are adamant that Wi-Fi should be free and pervasive throughout the hotel.