How 3 new VMware products empower end users while keeping IT happy

On Tuesday, VMware announced Workspace ONE, Horizon 7, and Horizon Air. Here's how the products will enable an increasingly digital workforce.

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Marrying the desire of end-users with the needs of the enterprise can be tricky. Users want consumer-level simplicity and usability, while the organization needs security and manageability.

On Tuesday, VMware announced three new products to help bridge the gap between the wants and needs of both parties. The company launched its new enterprise platform Workspace ONE, and announced updates for its app delivery products Horizon 7 and Horizon Air. Here are the details.

Workspace ONE

As mentioned, Workspace ONE is a secure enterprise platform that provides key services like device and identity management, as well as application delivery. The goal, according VMware is to make any application available on any device. Workspace ONE has five core features:

  1. Self-service access
  2. Choose your device
  3. Enterprise productivity
  4. Conditional access
  5. Scalable automation

The self-service access feature is a single, unified self-service access catalog that is consistent across every device. Users get the same experience on any device, including a mobile SSO option that VMware claims is the first of its kind in the industry's. Client organizations can tailor the branding as well, adding company logos if they so choose.

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End-users have the option of using their own device or a corporate device, and the security and access can be customized based on where the device came from. If they so desire, users can begin with a corporate device and move over to BYOD later on with no ill effects.

The enterprise productivity features seem to be mostly focused on email and messaging, and making sure they are properly address in the platform. Workspace ONE also includes integrated features from VMware's recently-acquired company, Boxer, which includes calendar capabilities and more.

Conditional access is built-in to determine what level access a user might be given, or what authentication they must engage in. It also includes dynamic, per-app VPN, device usage analytics, and NSX integration for smarter networking.

Workspace ONE is available in three tiers: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Standard tier provides access to the full enterprise app catalog, key productivity apps, and SSO capability. The Advanced tier adds unified endpoint management, more advanced app security, and data loss prevention (DLP). Finally, the Enterprise tier builds on the two before it and adds virtual apps and desktops. Workspace ONE starts at $8 per user per month for the cloud option, and $150 per user for on-premises.

Horizon 7 and Horizon Air

For those unfamiliar, Horizon is VMware's tool for delivering virtual or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform. Tuesday, VMware announced the latest version of its core Horizon product in Horizon 7, and Horizon Air with hybrid capabilities.

As it stands, there are three Horizon products for three different use cases. Horizon 7 offers desktop and app delivery from the private cloud, Horizon Air offers desktop and app delivery from the public cloud with true hybridity, and Horizon Flex handles offline containerized desktops and apps.

Both Horizon 7 and Horizon Air were launched with four key technologies:

  1. Blast Extreme user experience - A brand new standards-based protocol that is designed for mobile and cloud environment and supports broadcast of H.264 capable devices.
  2. Just-in-time desktops - Gives users the ability to deliver 2000 desktops in under 20 minutes.
  3. App Lifecycle management - App Volumes 3.0 simplifies infrastructure updates and app management, as well as provides analytics.
  4. Smart policies - Granular rules around authentication and device use, including SSO, access point authentication, and more.

Horizon Air's big announcement is that it now offers "true hybridity." Basically, that means that users can keep their apps in VMware's cloud, their own private cloud, or a combination of both. Additionally, they can manage on-premises and cloud services through a single pane.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Workspace ONE is VMware's platform to enable any app on any device, focused on enterprise needs like identity management and security.
  2. Horizon 7 and Horizon Air were announced with key technologies, including the new Blast Extreme user experience, designed for mobile and cloud.
  3. Horizon Air now offers true hybridity, allowing app deployment in VMware's cloud, the user's cloud, or both.

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