At the 2017 VMworld conference in Las Vegas, Moffitt Cancer Center CTO Tom Hull spoke with TechRepublic about how the company used hybrid cloud to modernize its data center infrastructure.

“We had to assess our current data center situation,” Hull said. “We’re coming from a legacy data center scenario where on-premise, we have older technology [and] we have a data center that has infrastructure that’s aging.”

After looking at the latest options available, a hybrid cloud approach that included on- and off-premise capabilities seemed like the right fit, he said. “What we were able to do is balance our workload from a legacy data center to a partner colocation.”

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Before transforming their resiliency and disaster recovery model, Hull and his team had to consider what their data center architecture and location was going to look like. Taking that into consideration, MCC had to design that resiliency in a hybrid cloud approach.

Because so many people rely on MCC’s data, server, and network, they had to make sure they weren’t taking from the legacy and creating new risks. “In defining what our data center architecture was going to look like, we had to make sure that we were going to serve each one of [our seven corporate entities],” he said.

Since switching to a hybrid cloud approach, the company has achieved a more balanced workload across environments in the case an issue occurs in their remaining legacy data center. And their security became more modernized by using VMware products, and taking physical servers and virtualizing them.

Hull said MCC partnered with VMware and Dell EMC, and “bought into SDDC.” “It’s been a great partnership so far,” he said.

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