CodeSignal, formerly known as CodeFights, announced plans on Tuesday for a “Coding Score” rating system for developers.

According to a press release, a Coding Score will be a credit score equivalent for the technical recruiting market, and will range between 300 and 850.

The release noted that a Coding Score is meant to be a measurement of a developer’s overall implementation and problem solving skills. To get an initial coding score, users must solve at least three challenges on CodeSignal. Data will be collected from 30-60 minutes of coding. From there, CodeSignal will implement machine learning to measure skills and assign a score.

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According to the release, a developer’s Coding Score can serve as a predictor of how well they will perform in a technical interview.

Employers can look forward to making hiring decisions based on skill set and not other external factors. The release noted that hiring managers can get an immediate grasp on a candidate’s skills and not fall victim to biases or different interview circumstances.

“A credit score made the lending process a lot more objective, and scalable using data,” CodeSignal CEO Tigran Sloyan said in the release. “This is what CodeSignal is doing for technical recruiting – making the hiring process less subjective and enabling companies to hire technical talent based on data, and not gut intuition or unconscious biases.”

While some developers might be skeptical of a Coding Score, it offers them interesting opportunities as well. A Coding Score can give them a view of how their work compares to their competitors and what score they need to get a certain job, the release noted.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • CodeSignal claims its Coding Score will take biases out of the interview process and create a more meritocratic hiring system.
  • Developers can utilize their Coding Score to improve their skills and see how they compare to other job candidates. In the market.