How a comedy club embraced digital transformation

Stand Up NY owners explain how podcasting and social media helped the club grow their audience.

Video: Exploring comedy's digital transformation

Every industry is experiencing some form of digital transformation, from restaurants to publishing to even comedy. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson sat down with Stand Up NY owners Dani Zoldan and Jon Fatigate to discuss how the comedy club embraced technology to reach a larger audience and share their content.

"It's always cool to own a comedy club, but I think we saw a lot of potential to where we could take Stand Up NY," Zoldan said. Along with putting on comedy shows at night, they began to produce a podcast by transforming an unused office into a green room, and a theater into a studio. This helped the club reach more people, and allowed comedians to test out their shows to a smaller crowd.

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"By day we were recording these podcasts, by night we were doing theater," Fatigate said.

Along with their podcast, the comedy club used other strategies such as social media and email marketing to promote their shows. "Over time, we've experimented with a lot of different ways on how to fill the seats," Zoldan said.

If you're a business looking to utilize content, find a company that can help you create engaging content to help you accomplish your goal, Fatigate said. Podcasting, for example, was an easy outlet for the club because they're cheap to produce. "Telling your story and finding what makes you interesting, and different from your competition--that's the place to start," Fatigate said. "I think asking that question first is really a great starting place."

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