The desktop client for Microsoft OneDrive is getting three new updates, and one of them could help users save on their PC’s battery life.

The update, coming in July 2018, will automatically pause OneDrive sync when the battery saver mode is enabled, according to a recent blog post from Microsoft’s Stephen Rose. If a device is in battery saver mode, the user will alerted via a notification that their sync has been paused.

Once the device exits battery saver mode, the post noted, the sync will automatically resume. Or, a user can select the “sync anyway” option to force the sync to continue. According to the post, this “will respect your selection while OneDrive is running (until you sign-out or exit OneDrive or shut down your device) even if the devices switches to/from ‘battery saver’ mode.”

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The second new feature coming with the update is the ability send feedback, which will also be coming in July 2018. Users can send positive or negative feedback, or make suggestions for the product by clicking on “Send Feedback” under the settings or preferences menu on any device connected to OneDrive, the post noted. However, it should be noted that an organization that disables the ability to “Report a problem” will also disable the “Send feedback” option.

The last change is coming to Activity Center, which is getting “modernized,” according to the post. These changes seek to “improve ease of use and understanding” of the Activity Center itself. While that might seem a little nebulous the images provided seem to point to users being provided with additional detail on the status of their files. Not much is explained beyond that.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A new update to Microsoft OneDrive will automatically pause syncing when the battery saver mode is enabled.
  • Microsoft OneDrive users are getting a new, modern update in late July 2018 and will soon be able to send feedback.