Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become major buzzwords, but the reality is predictive analytics will have a profound impact on business technology in 2018.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson spoke with Mikhail Naumov, cofounder of DigitalGenius, a company that blends human intelligence with artificial intelligence, to explain how companies use machine learning to improve customer service.

Artificial intelligence has become better than humans at performing boring, repetitive tasks, Naumov said. Companies such as Unilever and KLM are providing this technology for their teams, and using it as a tool rather than as a replacement.

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Before a business integrates AI into their contact center, they should ask:

1. What is the optimal combination of AI to human intelligence?

2. How does AI make customer service a more rewarding career for your employees?

3. How do you reap the benefits of AI without having to invest in expensive data scientists and machine learning teams?

“I think companies and people in general have to realize implementing machine learning and AI isn’t an overnight magic trick,” Naumov said. It’s pure mathematics and a journey that companies as a whole must embrace.

“Companies need to understand that this technology is not going anywhere,” he said. “It’s important to figure out ‘How do you put the machine to work today in your contact center?'”

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