Apple’s newest video app Clips, released in early April, makes it easy for professionals to create mobile videos with transcribed text and effects. Clips was created with social media in mind, and it could help social media experts and marketers more readily generate video content for their brands.

Videos can be captured within the Clips app, or users can import existing video clips or photos from their device’s library. Using the pinch and drag functionality that iOS is known for, users can add a zoom or panning effect for a little bit of flair.

Live Titles, which automatically transcribes text on the screen while you speak, is the core feature for professionals in Clips. Using Live Titles, businesses could easily create product demonstrations, or how-to videos, as well as creating video that can be watched in an office setting with the sound off. Once the text has been transcribed, users can alter the text and punctuation, and choose different display styles for the text itself.

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Mobile video is booming, with a Strategy Analytics report projecting the market to hit $25 billion by 2021. In addition to video-focused sites like YouTube, video is growing on social media platforms, and Clips makes it easy to share videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

A recent Cisco report said that mobile video will will represent 78% of all mobile traffic by 2021, and a big portion of its growth will be driven by live video. There isn’t a capability for live video in Clips just yet, but it is still a great tool for professionals to utilize.

Of course, there are filters, emoji, and animated graphics that can be added to your videos as well. Apple also provides music backing tracks, which the Clips webpage said will automatically adjust to fit the length of your video.

One other feature that professionals shouldn’t let fly under the radar is the changes to the iOS Share Sheet in Clips. As noted on our sister site, ZDNet, Clips has streamlined the Share Sheet, making it much easier to share content with frequent contacts. If Apple decides to roll out the changes to all of iOS, it could provide more capacity for productivity among enterprise iOS users.

One of the best parts of Apple Clips is the price point: Free. The app only makes Instagram-esque square videos for now, and some of the editing features aren’t as robust as some would like, but it’s a great to help businesses ride the growth of mobile video.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Apple’s video app Clips offers an easy way to make mobile videos for businesses to use in marketing and social media.
  2. Clips will automatically transcribe speech into text-based captions, making it easier to create how-to videos and product demonstrations.
  3. Clips is free, and it offers a streamlined version of the iOS Share Sheet, which could improve productivity for professional users on iOS.