I have installed Microsoft Windows 7 on several different PCs during the past few weeks, and I have had no major problems and only one or two minor annoyances. In fact, the Windows 7 installation experience has been downright pleasant compared to the troubles I had with my first Windows Vista installations. But maybe I am just lucky this time.

That is why I am asking for your input in the form of a poll question and the corresponding discussion thread that it feeds. What has been your experience? I have seen a few reports of failed installs and a few more bad installs, but for the most part the general trend has been toward an almost anticlimactic nonevent when it comes to Windows 7 installs.

But let’s put this to the test with a quick poll. And when you are done with the poll, take a moment to share your Windows 7 installation experience — maybe we can learn something from the collected stories.