Chances are, your business depends on social media to help spread the word about a product or a service. If that’s case, you or someone else in the company might spend a bit too much time setting up daily posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn — time that could be used for, well, more important things.

As someone who uses all forms of social media to keep the public aware of my technical writing and my books, I have come to depend upon a tool called Buffer. With Buffer, scheduling and re-scheduling posts is as easy as it gets. But it’s the rescheduling that sets this tool apart.

With Buffer, you can go through your previous post listing and easily reschedule (or Re-buffer) any post to any of your connected networks. So instead of spending an hour or so scheduling posts, you can spend five or 10 minutes. When you’re doing this daily, that savings adds up.

You can use Buffer for free and schedule ten posts on each of your attached networks, or you can pay ten dollars a month and get 100 scheduled posts.

Give Buffer a try. Trust me, it’ll become your daily social driver.