How Deloitte is implementing strategies to create gender parity in tech and IT

Deloitte consulting principal Kavitha Prabhakar shared a few ways the company is using blind resume reviews, and gender-based hiring goals to include more women in leadership.

Resources for creating gender parity in tech and IT

How can businesses implement gender-parity practices? TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke to Deloitte consulting principal Kavitha Prabhakar on this topic. Watch the video, or read their conversation below.

Patterson: What are some resources, websites, books that you recommend for helping understand the business insights and the potential innovation gains of improving gender diversity in IT and tech?

Prabhakar: There is a lot of research out there. Deloitte themselves has significant research. We have a new article that we've published around smashing IT glass ceilings, which talks about the perspective from various CIOs on why gender parity and gender diversity plays a role. So in terms of techniques, there's a lot around diversity and inclusion.

Let me talk about a couple that might be of interest to you, Dan. When we look at hiring practices, for instance, right, right from the gate, you have to look at the full pipeline, whether it's hiring, whether it is advancement of women, and whether it's retention over the long game. All of those faces require awareness and require DNI, or diversity and inclusion, to be a priority top down in the organization.

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When you look at hiring, Deloitte, for instance, we do blind resume reviews as an example. We really take out the name, and the gender, and do resume reviews to bring out any level of unconscious bias that might exist in your hiring practices. We look at pay-gender gap. We have specific gender-based goals for hiring, right?

We're more deliberate when it comes to leadership positions. Are we really looking at high-performing women and tagging them for leadership roles? And when leadership roles come available, are we deliberate and purposeful about putting women up in these leadership roles? So across IT you can be looking at all this and taking that approach as you go toward improving gender parity.

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