According to Shari Sentlowitz, Samsung’s senior manager of product launch, banks and finance centers haven begun implementing digital signage to improve their company’s customer experience.

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“Right now, a lot of people are using mobile banking, so they’re not really actually walking into a branch,” Sentlowitz said. By using digital signage, Bank of America gets the opportunity to showcase its services and educate customers that come into their branches. While waiting in line, the use of digital signage reduces perceived wait time and helps manage the frustrations of those waiting in line. It also provides customers entertainment and new information about the company and its services.

By transforming the branches with more digital technology, the company is able to display their ever-changing key focuses, Bank of America’s vice president of the financial center manager Mike DeRose said. Putting out specific content for clients seasonally and locationally adds value for the client and keeps them up-to-date about products and services, he added.

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