How digital transformation and analytics combine to form a digital twin

Schneider Electric has an infrastructure platform that includes an analytics layer that creates a digital twin.

Digital transformation includes the concept of a digital twin

At Schneider Electric's 2018 Innovation Summit North America, Herve Coureil, chief digital officer for Schneider Electric, discusses with TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox how Schneider's EcoStruxure infrastructure uses analytics to create a digital twin. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Combining analytics with digital transformation to form a digital twin

Herve Coureil: One of the interesting aspects of our digital transformation is actually the idea of digital twin. I was mentioning the EcoStruxure architecture, so having connected product, having edge control very close to the operation, no need to walk dependency, no latency. Then, you have the analytics layer.

Here, the analytics layer allows you to do real interesting new things, because you can look at an entire fleet of asset, you can look actually at both the sets over the full lifecycle. And then you can create a digital twin, you can think about simulation and you can offer new use cases, new value that go beyond the traditional value of control, et cetera, and takes you to worlds optimization, to what optimization over the full lifecycle, not just at the apex level, not just at the optics level.

And of course you can offer all those technologies and other preventative maintenance that allows you to really reduce any risk of downtime.

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