“Retail technology has transformed our business incredibly,” said Kathy Ireland, CEO and chief designer at Kathy Ireland worldwide.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson talked with Ireland and her team, Stephen Roseberry, Selena Hunter, and Brittany Duncan via Skype to discuss how her enterprise embraced digital transformation.

The digital disruption is continually changing the way people are shopping, Ireland said. “It causes us to work in a way that is serving our customers the way they want to be served.”

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The company uses social media as a way to connect with customers in a direct, and honest way. “They let us know how they want to be served,” she said. “We have success when we take our marching orders from our customers out there on social media.”

The kathy ireland Worldwide team discussed how the iPhone X and artificial intelligence has already affected the retail world, and will continue to affect how people view and purchase products. Not only can consumers instantaneously buy products, they can also get them quickly delivered with the use of drones.

“There are so many changes that are coming to the industry–it’s constant, the way that we shop, the way that we live,” she said.