Digital transformation is taking over every industry, including publishing. “We really rely on basic digital tools to just get anything out the door,” said Saskia Ketz, founder of A Women’s Thing magazine.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson met with Saskia Ketz and Allison Geller, co-founders of A Women’s Thing magazine to discuss how technology is transforming their publication and improving communication among their team.

A Women’s Thing, which began as a print magazine and is now a website, had a “familiar beginning,” Ketz said. It started as a group for women who felt their voices weren’t being heard in the workplace. The group then decided to create an outlet to further express some of their issues, and other women’s issues that aren’t heavily discussed in other traditional publications.

“The goal was to create a place where we could explore topics that were important to us in a way that was both in depth and accessible,” Ketz said. The website recently won a Red Dot design award in communication design for using their layout in a unique way to combine artwork and writing.

Using tools such as Google Docs allows the small publication team to communicate, write, and edit articles in an efficient manner. “There’s always going to be flaws,” Ketz said. “There’s always going to be things that we wish we had seen earlier, but the point is that we actually are able to get them out the door.”

Since the magazine doesn’t have an office, and many of their writers are volunteers, it’s really important for the team to communicate quickly. “To assure a certain type of quality, it’s important to come together on a tech basis for that,” Geller said.

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