In my daily life, I couldn’t imagine not having VMware Workstation to create labs or test case scenarios. On many occasions, I clone a vm in minutes to test something, but I often find that the SID remains the same. A simple utility exists that enables you to quickly change the SID and the computer name of a cloned virtual machine.

The utility is called NewSID v4.10 and is available for download free of charge.

Figure A

After you download the application, extract the file (Figure A) to a drive and open a command prompt. Next, browse to the applicable directory (Figure B and Figure C).

Figure B
Figure C

Next, run the auto option (Listing A) to create a new SID and rename the computer. It takes a few minutes for the process to complete and the computer to reboot (Figure C). When you log in to the computer again, the SID is brand new and the computer (Figure D) is automatically renamed.

newsid.exe /a [newcomputername]

Listing A
Figure D