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How do I disable the N icon in my system tray?

John Sheesley explains how you can disable the Novell System Tray icon that's created when you install Novell's client on your Windows 9x or NT workstation.

As you know, when you install Novell’s client on your Windows 9x or NT workstation, it creates an icon on your workstation’s System Tray. This icon allows you to control many different client settings, including the client’s configuration, drive mappings, and printer connections. But what do you do if you don’t want another icon cluttering up your System Tray or if you don’t want your users to be able to access such settings? Fortunately, you can disable the Novell System Tray icon.

Cleaning your tray
Removing the Novell icon is very simple. First, right-click Network Neighborhood on your Desktop and select Properties. When the Network window appears, select Novell NetWare Client and click Properties. You’ll then see the Novell NetWare Client Properties window.

Scroll through the Parameter Groups list box until you see the Show Novell System Tray Icon setting. Select this setting and then select Off from the Setting drop-down list box. Click OK to save your changes on the Novell NetWare Client Properties windows and then OK again on the Network window. To make the changes take effect, you must restart your workstation. When you do, the N icon will be gone.

What else can I turn off?
The Advanced Settings tab on the Novell NetWare Client Properties page also allows you to turn off other settings in your System Tray. The settings you can change that allow you to modify how items display in your System Tray include:
  • ·        Show Edit Login Script Item—This setting allows you to control whether users can edit their personal login scripts by making a choice from the User Administration menu under the N icon.
  • ·        Show Scheduler System Tray Icon—This setting allows you to turn off the display of the Novell Scheduler.
  • ·        Show User Administration Menu—This setting allows you to turn off the User Administration menu from both the N icon and the context of the server icon in Network Neighborhood.

John Sheesley has been supporting networks since 1986, when he got his hands on NetWare 2.2. Since then, he’s worked with the Jefferson County Police Department in Louisville, KY and the Genlyte-Thomas Group. John’s been a technical writer for several leading publishers, including TechRepublic, The Cobb Group, and ZDJournals. If you’d like to contact John, send him an e-mail .

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