Let me start by saying that people exist in the world that prefer Internet Explorer to Firefox. They are comfortable with the user interface (UI) and do not care to change. If you are a stubborn donkey, you have some options.

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As a browser, I use IE and I use Firefox. I was always a little perturbed that Firefox couldn’t carry the same look and feel as Windows Vista. I can compare it to my neighborhood. Recently, a homeowner pulled his oak tree and put in a palm tree. The entire neighborhood is lined with oak trees, over 75 of them. The look and feel of the neighborhood is traditional southern, not miami glitz. Firefox to me is miami glitz. I recently discovered how to give Firefox a traditional southern feel.

Figure A. shows a traditional southern Internet Explorer.

Figure A.

Figure B shows a Miami glitz Firefox.

Figure B.

If you are ready to get rid of the Miami glitz, download the following add-on (Figure C).

Figure C.

After installing the add-on, and restarting Firefox, you have Firefox with an IE Look and feel (traditional southern) (Figure D).

Figure D.