Some users really like Microsoft’s Office 2007 Ribbon interface, others, like me, have grown to accept it, and still others continue to curse its existence. But no matter which camp you fall into, there are several seemingly simple tasks that just don’t work the way they used to in previous versions. One example of that is the default envelope setting in Word 2007. Here is how you set the default envelope in Word and how you can keep the default envelope for a particular document permanently.

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Mailings tab

We’ll start with a simple document, similar to the one shown in Figure A. This document has an address.

Figure A

Simple document

To get to the envelope settings, click the Mailings tab on the Office Ribbon (Figure B). Notice how the Ribbon changes to give us more options.

Figure B

Mailings tab

Click the Envelope button in the Ribbon to get to the Envelope And Label settings configuration screen, shown in Figure C.

Figure C

Envelope And Labels

To set the default envelope click the Options button to reach the screen shown in Figure D. From here, you can pick from a list of standard envelope sizes — the size 10 is what I use most often, but there are numerous others to choose from.

Figure D

Envelope Options

Click on the Printing Options tab (Figure E) to get a graphical depiction of the several different ways envelopes can pass through your printer. Every printer is different, so be sure you make the right choice before you start printing.

Figure E

Printing Options

Now, this is where the way things work in Word 2007 is a little different from the way things worked in previous versions of Word. There is no button to set the chosen envelope configuration as the default. This envelope choice will remain the default for the next document automatically; there is no need to click a button.

However, you will have the opportunity to set as default the return address. If you have typed a return address in the appropriate box, when you click Close (Figure F), you will be asked if you would like to set that address as the default.

Figure F

Return address

One more consideration is if you want to set a default envelope for a particular document that may be different from your normal default choice. The best way to associate a specific envelope with a specific document is by clicking the Add To Document button in Figure F. This will attach the envelope to the document, as shown in Figure G.

Figure G

Add To Document

While the basic mailing functions are generally the same as they always have been, how you get there in Word 2007 is a little different.