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Just when you get use to one email program at your work, you switch jobs and must now use a totally different program for email. This in itself is not so bad, unless you wish to take your email with you – then you might run into an issue on how to easily move all your email from one program to a different one. This is where TechRepublic member jamesmehraa is finding themselves, after switching jobs, so they have turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance.

TechRepublic member jamesmehraa writes, “Hi, I have been using Lotus Notes the last couple of years, so all my emails and attachments are stored in it. But now, I am switching my job and my new office does not use Lotus Notes, so I need to move from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird.

Is there an easy free method that I could look into. I have more than 500 emails so I need a quick technique. Hope you can understand my situation.”

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