When running VMware Workstation, you can be in one of two modes: normal or debugging. Running a virtual machine in debugging mode is slower than in normal mode but is helpful with troubleshooting problems. When you are in debugging mode, a log file is written to the directory where your virtual machine resides. You can change from normal mode to debugging mode by highlighting the applicable virtual machine in the VMware Control Center and choosing VM | Settings | Options Tab | and selecting Advanced Settings. If the Run with Debugging Information check box is selected, you are in debug mode. If it is unchecked, you are in normal mode. For better performance of your virtual machines, make sure the Run with Debugging Information check box is deselected. Figure A shows the Virtual Machine Settings window where the run with debugging information resides.

Note: More than debug information is written to the log file. A log file is also created in normal mode with less information.

Figure A

You can run a virtual machine with debugging information. (Click on figure to enlarge it.)