The breadcrumb bar in Windows Vista is a different approach to how you navigate in Windows (Figure A). In this post, I will show you a quick tip that I take advantage of with the breadcrumb bar.

Figure A. Breadcrumb bar

For example, let’s say you navigate to a specific folder and you want to copy this folder structure to another location or you just simply want to paste a shortcut to your desktop for quick access at a later date. It is easy to accomplish this task by following these steps.

Additional Tip: If you single-click on the breadcrumb bar, as shown in Figure B, your path changes to the old Windows style path.

Figure B. Classic Path

Now, right-click on the breadcrumb bar and a box pops up that allows you to perform the following: Copy Address, Copy Address as Text, and Edit Address.

Figure C. Copy Options

In this example, let’s choose Copy Address and paste the contents to our desktop. I usually paste shortcuts to my desktop or Quick Launch bar for fast access to my folders that are buried many levels.