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PhotoSync is a new Microsoft Windows Home Server Add-in written by Ed Holloway that allows you to configure your WHS Photos folder (or any subfolder you specify) to automatically upload your photos to Flickr.

Here is the process for installing and using PhotoSync.

Download and install PhotoSync

The obvious first step is to download PhotoSync and copy the PhotoSyncBeta1.msi to the Software | Add-Ins folder.

NOTE: This is done from any client PC connected to your WHS machine, not from the server.

Simply open the Software | Add-ins share that WHS created when you first setup WHS on the client machine and drag the PhotoSyncBeta1.msi file there.

Open the WHS console from a client PC. (Figure A)

Figure A

WHS console

Go to the Settings | Add-ins view in the WHS console (Figure B). Click the “Available” tab on the Add-ins screen and you should see PhotoSync is ready to install.

Figure B

Add-ins view
  1. Install PhotoSync via the WHS console — Step 1 (Figure C). Click the “Install” button to get started with the installation.

Figure C

Step 1
  1. Install PhotoSync via the WHS console — Step 2 (Figure D). After a few seconds, WHS should tell you that PhotoSync has been installed successfully.

Figure D

Step 2

Note the new PhotoSync icon at the top of the Windows Home Server console. (Figure E).

Figure E

PhotoSync tab
  1. Authorize your Flickr account to connect with PhotoSync (Figure F). This is actually the most time-consuming part of the process. Before you can use PhotoSync, you need to tell Flickr that it is OK for the PhotoSync add-in to upload photos to your account.

Figure F

Flickr authorization
  1. Log into your Flickr account (Figure G).

Figure G

Flickr login
  1. Click the “OK, I’ll Allow It” button (Figure H).

Figure H

  1. Authorization complete (Figure I).

Figure I

  1. Tell WHS that you’ve authorized Flickr (Figure J).

Figure J

Inform WHS
  1. Set up the folder you want to sync (Figure K). By default, PhotoSync will upload your entire Photos share to Flickr. If you’d like to choose a different folder, you can by clicking the “Change” button. In addition to changing the folder, you can also change the interval at which PhotoSync will check for new photos. By default, it is set to 30 minutes.

Figure K

Setup sync folder


Because I have thousands of photos in my Photos share (and because three thousand of those photos are already uploaded to Flickr), I chose to use a different folder. (Figure L)

Figure L

Change folder

Now our folders and sync intervals are set. (Figure M)

Figure M

Waiting to sync


If everything goes well, you should see this screen (Figure N) following each synchronization process. For the purposes of this test, I only uploaded a single image. You can see the result on Flickr.

Figure N