Normally when you want to transfer files from computer to computer, you copy them over the network to a shared folder. VMware has taken this concept and has come up with its own way to share folders. Before we show you how to do this, you must make sure you have VMware Tools loaded or the feature will not be available.

To create a shared folder, click VM | Settings on any applicable virtual machine. You can even create a shared folder while a virtual machine is running. Next, click the Options tab and highlight Shared folders.

In the Shared Folders box, click Add, and the Welcome to the Add Shared Folder Wizard will appear. The wizard walks you through creating a folder or drive to share. After you choose the folder you have the following options that you can specify on the folder’s attributes:

  • Enable this share
  • Read-only
  • Disable after this session. Disable the share the next time the virtual machine is powered off or suspended.

VMware Workstation shared folders are accessed in the same way a network share is accessed. The syntax is as follows:

.hostshared folders<name of share>