How do you force a Windows PC to logon to a specific domain controller?

There are times when an administrator would like to force a Windows client to log on to a specific domain controller. This is especially important for avoiding authentication over WAN links. Learn how to control DC logon behavior.


The following question was posted in the Technical Q&A by NateH:

"I have a client that has two physically separate buildings. They have a T1 connection between the two and have been running with one server for both buildings. Building 1 is on subnet and building 2 is on I am setting up a domain controller in the second building and was wondering how to configure the clients so that they logon/authenticate via that second DC rather than the first DC [across the WAN link]. Do I need to set it up as a second site [in Active Directory], or can I set it up as the same site?"


An excellent explanation was provided by BFilmFan (one of the most of the most prolific posters in the Technical Q&A):

"You should create an Active Directory site for building 2 and associate it with the subnet Clients locate a domain controller based upon their site information. There is a fairly thorough explanation of this on Microsoft's site. Job Aids for Windows 2003 has a worksheet that will probably impress the management folks. And an example of planning domain controller placement can be found here."


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