How former Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners can get 50% off a new Galaxy Note8

With a special loyalty program, Samsung is offering the Galaxy Note8 for half price to users who had to turn in a defective Galaxy Note7. That could mean up to $425 off.

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Through a promotional loyalty program, Samsung is offering eligible Galaxy Note7 owners up to $425 off the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note8. Basically, that means you'll get the phone for roughly half-price.

To claim the offer, Galaxy Note7 owners first need to head to the promotional page, and enter the email address associated with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 purchase. This will confirm that you purchased the phone originally.

If you're unsure what email to use, ZDNet's Matthew Miller recommends trying the email currently associated with your Samsung account. The promotional page notes that you should also have your proof of purchase for the Galaxy Note7 handy when you start the process.

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Once you've entered the email address, and the purchase has been confirmed, you still may need to enter some additional personal information.

Bear in mind that, to take advantage of the additional credit, you must order the Galaxy Note8 through Samsung's website. That means you will not have access to any carrier-specific deals if you choose to go this route.

Once you've completed the process, you will have a 15-day window in which you must return the Note7. It also must meet specific condition requirements such as having a working screen, being factory reset, and more. Be sure to check the promotional terms and conditions for more information.

Additional trade-in options for other Samsung devices are listed by Miller. So, even if you didn't have a Galaxy Note7, you may have something eligible for trade-in.

There are also some additional trade-in programs listed by Jason Cipriani in a recent CNET article. Be sure to follow best practices for shipping your device before trading it in.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. A new special loyalty program from Samsung is offering former Galaxy Note7 owners up to $425 off the purchase of a new Galaxy Note8.
  2. The Galaxy Note7 for trade must meet certain requirements, and must be traded in within 15 days if users pursue the deal.
  3. Some other Samsung devices are also eligible for trade in, but they may not net as big of a credit for their value.

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