Geeky couples are a unique occurrence. Whether that means dressing up as your favorite superheroes or Star Trek characters for your wedding, wearing Stormtrooper helmets out in public, changing your shared living space to match a favorite show’s scenes, or buying a uniquely geeky gift, geek couples are not above bringing their digital lives into reality nor their real lives into a fictional world. That’s just what YouTube member mcnerdberger did. Using the Minecraft Beta and Gerudoku’s RPG texture pack, he proposed to his girlfriend in the only way two game developers can — in game. The three successive signs read “Heather…,” “We build worlds together…,” and “Lets fill them with life,” which are followed by a heart-shaped valley and the words “Marry Me?” etched in lava.

Only a game-developer geek with a game-developer girlfriend could get away with this proposal (she said “yes”), but there are certainly instances of other geek-themed proposals and other romantic events. Share some of yours in the comments below and, if you have a photo, consider contributing it to the TechRepublic Camera phone challenge: Geeky couples. According to the challenge, “Bonus points will be given for actually geeking it up in the photo(s).”

(Thanks to Mark Kaelin for the video tip.)