The Grow with Google initiative aims to create opportunities for all Americans, and its latest move is to help veterans find their ideal civilian jobs, according to a Google blog post published on Monday.

Veterans have a unique skill set that is often misunderstood by civilian recruiters, said the post. Because of this, one in three veterans–out of the approximately 250,000 service members transitioning out of the military every year–wind up taking jobs well below their skill levels, added the post.

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In an effort to help veterans find their way, Google has enabled a “jobs for veterans” search function, in which veterans can enter their specific military job codes to view civilian jobs that best use the skills developed in their military positions, according to the post.

Additionally, Google has made this capability accessible to any employer or job board to use on their own site. Through Google’s Cloud Talent Solution, sites including Fedex Careers, Encompass Health Careers, Siemens Careers, CareerBuilder, and Getting Hired all have job search functions for service members, explained the post.

Google is also helping out veterans who want to start their own companies. Almost 9% of all businesses in the US are veteran-owned, according to the post. Now, through Google My Business, veterans can identify if their companies are veteran-owned or led on Google Maps and Search mobile listings.

To help veterans learn digital skills, Google is offering the United Service Organizations (USO) a $2.5 million grant to implement the Google IT Support Professional Certificate into their own programming, according to the post.

This effort is by no means Google’s first initiative to help Americans search for jobs. Last year, Google committed $1 billion grant funding for nonprofits to improve tech education and workforce training. In January, Google released its IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera, which helps people gain tech support skills to fill job gaps. Along with the Certificate, Google provided scholarships for over 10,000 low income learners, veterans, and refugees.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Google created a “jobs for veterans” search function to help match veterans with specific civilian jobs that exercise their specialized, military skill sets.
  • The Cloud Talent Solution has been opened to other job sites to enable a veteran job search for more employers.